“Himalayan Jungle Camp”

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Himalayan Jungle Camp

M.A.S.T.S (Military Application and Special Forces Tactics for students) is the holistic concept of psychological, physical and mental toughness training employed by the Special Forces and the National Security Guard (Black Cat Commandos) are tailored to provide students from all domains to perform at the optimum level and out of the comfort zone.

(Pioneers of M.A.S.T (Military Application & Special Forces Tactics

Accommodation Type

Cottage Accommodation

Military Style Tents

Travelling to Camp

Activities at Camp & nearby walking distances

Trek to Nearby Waterfall

Trek to nearby waterfall (Easy Trek)

Leopard Path Walk

Night Time Leopard path walk

Trekking in the vicinity

Trekking in the vicinity. Climbing the mountain opposite the Camp.

Trekking in the jungle

Trekking in the jungle or nearby areas including visit to villages

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Low rope Activities

Low rope Activities: (Light & Fun an All time Favourate) monkey crawl,spider web, tarzan swing
cross wire

CatFit Himalayan Jungle Camp

CatFit Himalayan Jungle Camp