Camping at CatFit Camps & Sites

M.A.S.T.S (Military Application and Special Forces Tactics) is the holistic concept of psychological, physical and mental toughness training employed by the Special Forces and the National Security Guard (Black Cat Commandos) are tailored to provide people from all domains to perform at the optimum level and out of the comfort zone.
For companies looking to learn and train and at the same time relax and rejuvenate, we have adventure camps across Barcelona, Spain, Bhutan, Nepal, Kota Rajasthan, Kerala and in the Himalayan Jungles of Uttarakhand.
Here employees get to learn the skills and tactics of the Black Cat commandos and partly experience life to the extreme.
Our concept at the camps is to provide practical trainings and at the same time allow the employees to have an experience like a tourist.
Mindset training with mental toughness and physical fitness are just a few components of this module and experiencing the true out of the box feeling has transformed many a careers and organizations.