Mental Toughness

Covid-19 found the world unprepared for handling a crisis. Organizations collapsed and the economy went downhill across continents. Even as people prepare for careers and promotions by learning new subjects, one domain is rarely touched, that of “Mental Toughness”. Four of CatFit psychologists were involved in the biggest study conducted by the Government of India in May-June 2020 on the Impact of Covid-19 on the Mental Health of People. Six sectors were identified for research. Corporate employees were also part of the study along with teachers, doctors, policemen, students and corona warriors. The results were published by the Government in the form of six books. Seeing the results it is imperative that Corporate organizations undertake the written evaluations by CatFit psychologists to check the emotional / mental and psychological health of employees. CatFit covers 50 plus domains *(See Chart Ahead) when evaluating employees and this gives to the top management the picture of the mental and psychological fitness of the company. Post the evaluations our team also conducts individual and group sessions for employees who need it. Then the unique sessions of “Mental Toughness” training programs of CatFit on the lines of M.A.S.T (Military Application & Special Forces Tactics) are taken to transform the employee by strengthening the mind and resolve. At CatFit we believe in “Mind Matters” and that is also on our emblem. The ability to cope with adversity and increasing one’s resilience levels is a first of its kind program and has been covered extensively in the National Media including on channels such as NewsX, Hotstar and Zee5 etc.


Parameters For Psychological Evaluation For New & Experienced Employees

An organization may choose from a vast array of evaluation modules depending on their requirements.

In-Depth Analysis

Apart from the above 51 Psychological Evaluation parameters the following may also be utilized for a more detailed and in-depth Analysis: