Military Self Defence & Survival

Self Defence and Modern Survival training or the art of street fighting (Which includes Krav-Maga, Silat, Wing Chun, combination of calisthenics as well as Kali self-defence) is provided to corporate employees to make them better in situational awareness and thereby also increase their productivity. It is an adaptive and situational-centric technique. This unique amalgamation is used by the Army, Special Forces and the National Security guard and is a skill set which caters to real-world situations.

Military self Defence is taught in a 100% practical way. (Situational awareness, kidnapping, stalking, physical abuse including rape, groping, choking, grabbing, pulling, pushing and holding like situations are envisaged and training is provided keeping these and similar situations in mind.

Training includes utilization and knowledge of special tools for preventing a mishap. Teams have trained the Indian Army, Para-Military services, Black Cat Commandos, Ghatak squads, and various state Police personnel.

In the world of today, knowing how to protect the self and others is a necessary skill. This leads to a more a more disciplined, focused and imaginative employees capable of thinking out of the box post their training.

Our senior most trainers are themselves from the Special Forces and the Black Cat Commandos. With over a decade and a half of training at the highest level possible in the world, they are equipped to provide intricate real life techniques, since they have seen combat all their lives. Military self-defense as a skill is nonpareil and trainers and motivational speakers train the mind along with the body so that one can handle the toughest of situations.

Military self-defense is spread over six levels and each level is 15 working days. Each working day 1 hour of practical training is provided in batches of 20-50. An institution may choose to reduce the number of days by increasing the number of hours. i.e. A one and a half hour session will reduce the training period to 10 days.

Team & (Partner Firm) Instructors have Trained: