Sports Futute Re-engineered

Catfit is the pioneer of MASTS (Military Application & Special Forces Tactics in Sports). The holistic concepts of psychological and mental toughness training employed by the Special Forces and the National Security Guard (Black Cat Commandos) are tailored to provide sportspersons from all sporting domains to perform at the optimum level and out of the comfort zone

Physical Fitness training like the commandos are personalized for individual sportspersons and teams to perform the feats which are considered extraordinary for normal humans. The combination of Psychological training with battle field readiness and critical leadership training by professional veteran Special Forces and NSG officers enhances the skill set of players so that they can perform consistently with confidence with no mental blocks or physical doubts

The Team of Devoted

Our team is experienced and approaches with the objective and goal of performance enhancement plus the all round and holistic development of sportspersons. We have trained international and national athletes from various sporting disciplines. Our experts and trainers contribute to ensure cutting edge mental, psychological, emotional and physical health of our trainees

Three + Three (Six) Month Module

1) Psychometric evaluation with standardized testing along with psychological questionnaires developed by our intelligence experts and psychologists. Here we take stock of the mental and psychological health strength of our trainees. Once we identify any issues, the athlete is provided counseling and therapy by our trainers.

2) Group sessions by Sports Psychologists on topics such as game pressure management, handling sports injuries, understanding setbacks & failures and evolving from them, stress management and performance management etc.

3) Mental Toughness Training is an important aspect which makes an ordinary sportsperson train and performs outside the comfort zone. Here our armed forces officers take sessions on the evolution of mental toughness and methods any trainee can utilize to become mentally and psychologically tougher. Real life examples of athletes and soldiers are shared to inspire them to take their skill sets to the next level.

4) We must remember that all athletes and sportspersons are also human and hence require coping skills, life skills and a support system. This is where our professional speakers, leadership and life coaches come in. They share and engage the sports persons to open up and understand their shortcomings and concerns. This is important to understand the human and brain behind the sportsperson and then prepare him/for not merely a career but life itself.

5) Psychical Fitness Trainers, Instructors & Nutritionists are a core part of any athlete’s career. However, every person has a different sport, height, weight, body type and blood group. Keeping these factors in mind our trainers prepare schedules as per an individual’s blood group, health of internal organs and body type etc.

Insight into the Training Aspects on the line of M.A.S.T.S

A) Psychological/Mental training Aspects

B) Battle field toughness

C) Stealth Training

D) Critical Leadership Skills

All sessions can be conducted online or on campus. Weekly charts are made and progress report monitored and reported monthly to the coach/parent/guardian of the concerned individual, group or team

CatFit has its own camps in the Himalayan jungles, Rajasthan, Kerala and Barcelona (Spain), where we train athletes for the highest level of mental, psychological and physical fitness training to become the champions they envision themselves to be

Level One is a two part program for six months and is equally divided into three months each