Image Building Personality & Development


The Image a person portrays to his colleagues, seniors, juniors and clients has a great impact on the mindset of people. In today’s time having a polished exterior is a necessary requisite.
CatFit Image consultants and Image builders assist in ensuring the leader becomes the part he/she wishes to be. Enhancing the appearance (clothing & grooming) leads to respect and also showcases discipline and self care. Only when one is refined can the expectation to be admired come into existence. The specific aspects as per each individual personality would be addressed including methodologies to employ in dealing with millennial’s by our image consultant.

Soft skills training and interpersonal skills

The importance of Soft skills training and interpersonal skills is well known. Catfit trainers have taken this to the next level with cutting edge tools of training and with simple and easy to learn methods have transformed the lives of those utilizing the services.

Inspirational Stories and Lessons from War heroes

Team Members of CatFit who have extensive experience in operations and the war zone including lady officers will narrate how they made a difference while defending the borders of our nation and lead by example. These are used to boost the confidence and morale and thereby reigniting their passion for work and industriousness.

Personality development

 A strong personality automatically commands respect and admiration. Our teams of experts from the field practically demonstrate the dos and don’ts and assist in developing a personality which transforms the person and also the performance.

Corporate language & etiquette

The difference between a manager and a good leader is how he/she commands and interacts with the staff. Organizations where corporate language and etiquette are not followed are likely to see their performance dip and revenues curtailed. Our corporate language and etiquette trainers are seasoned professionals with over a decade and a half of experience. They have worked with the top multinational organizations from around the world and are renowned and vouched for their expertise.