Leadership Training like Special Forces & Black Cats

CatFit are the pioneers of M.A.S.T (Military Application and Special Forces Tactics) training in India. MASTS was designed and created to train and strengthen the resolve of our trainees. We have the Elite Special Forces and N.S.G as our instructors/Faculty. Leadership training by CatFit is a module which trains people to not just think out of the box but expand their horizon to take decisions with integrity, valour and empathy in mind. With this elite Leadership program CatFit are also successfully changing the mindsets of people in the field. Special Forces leadership training program. M.A.S.T.S (Military application and Special Forces tactics). These training modules have enhanced the capabilities of all personnel who have undergone our extensive programs. The essence of CatFit’ss training lies in drawing the lessons from how the Special Forces (Commandos) train and lead the way in warzones putting everything on the line. Delivering day after day at a pace which is unmatchable. All this while constantly “Living on the edge”. We have seen the difference in the attitude and training make in people’s lives. CatFit training programs inspire workplace enthusiasm & passion by developing your employees into more self-confident, enthused and goal oriented individuals. Our unique modular corporate training courses are designed to focus on areas that are important to the success of an organization. M.A.S.T concept was created to reinforce organizational competencies and address performance gaps while giving participants the ability to apply what has been learned in their own work space.

We would be pleased to enhance the skills of the personnel of your institution with our innovative and pioneering techniques and prepare them for the real world with specialized programs which are nonpareil.

Topics can be chosen by organizations in which they wish to receive training as per their requirement and accordingly concerned trainers are deputed for the program. (On an average 4-5 topics are covered by a single trainer and up to eight by two trainers in a day.)

Some of the training sessions we conduct are:

(M.A.S.T) Military application and Special Forces tactics) As the Special Forces do and follow. Methods used to train include:

A) Psychological/Mental training Aspects

(B) Individual Training Aspects

(C) Team Building Aspects

(D) Leadership Training Aspects